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Water Drops


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Pulse IV Infusion & Spa, LLC is a unique mobile medical spa company that provides wellness treatments to help you look and feel your best. My wellness company sole purpose is to provide specialized, non-emergency, and non-urgent, elective intravenous therapy and intramuscular injection services to appropriate populations. I am a licensed and professional certified nurse practitioner who can figure out the perfect formula for you. I can provide the perfect setting for rejuvenating your body and restoring balance at the cellular level wherever you are comfortable. We believe that when your body is BALANCED, you can ACHIEVE true total health and wellness. Our proprietary treatments are designed to promote whole-body health and vitality.


My mobile IV infusion services are perfect for lunch break hydrations at the office or gym, home visits if you’re in need of a remedy for speedy recovery from a hangover, stress reliever, decreased energy, brain fog and much more. We are available for corporate gatherings, weddings, parties, retreats and more. If you are looking for something unique to add to a group gathering, ask about our group discount rates!!

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